Wollongong Women's Cycle Club 

  Connecting women who ride bicycles for fun, fitness and friendship

Weekly Group Rides

Wednesday roll:

Meet at the North Gong Surf Club 5.50am every Wednesday. 

This is usually an Austi loop with an average speed 25km/h+, if your pace is slower than this, please do come, you will never ride alone! Throughout the year, the route will vary to cater for different abilities and training needs. 

You need a road bike and cleats and need to be comfortable riding in a bigger group and double abreast. You will need some experience of riding on the roads and understand bunch etiquette and road rules.

To join in on the fun, a Cycling Australia recreational licence is an absolute MUST! Contact us to let us know you're keen.

Where to meet

Group and weekend rides meet at the front of the North Wollongong Surf Club, 1A Cliff Road, North Wollongong.

Simple Cycles Shop rides start at Simple Cycles, Market Street, Wollongong, first Sunday of the month.

Bunch etiquette

WWCC Bunch Etiquette Rules 

1. Call out obstacles 

2. Hold your line in the bunch 

3. Stay next to your partner. You look after them and they look after you. 

4. Be predictable, remain calm and avoid over braking. 

5. Stay in a bunch formation to the best of your ability as it is safer when riding on the roads and in traffic - we act as one vehicle. 

6. Follow the road rules, in essence we are to act exactly as a car would whilst driving on the road.