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Cyclists Testimonials

Stephanine Petreski - She Rides participant & one on one client

Jules gave me back my confidence on the bike. She is a great coach, very supportive and provided me with the essential road cycling skills that I need to stay safe whilst riding on the roads in Wollongong.

Martina Sanderson Smith - She Rides program Autumn 2015

Jules gave me the support and encouragement I needed to get back on my bike after a long "baby" break. She is passionate about sharing her cycling knowledge and experience, and teaching clients how to be safe, independent, confident cyclists. She is an amazing coach and really knows how to get the best out of the people she works with.

Tess Cerone - She Rides program 2015 Autumn

"Watching Jules on a bike it is clear that she has many years of experience, and is comfortable and confident in her abilities, which makes me feel more comfortable learning from her. As a beginner rider, Jules is able to explain steps and activities in detail, using language that I understand. I now feel much more confident on the roads, riding in groups and understand my gearing.... Thanks for all of your support and coaching Jules." 

Shannon Ninness - One on one client

After having a knee surgery and not being able to run, Jules helped me get into cycling. I was a road bike virgin! Jules was extremely helpful, she helped me with the purchase of my bike and clothing. She has taken me on many courses around Wollongong, North and South. I am now confident to jump on and go for a ride thanks to her.  

Karen Ann Donnelly - She Rides program 2015 Autumn

Jules genuinely cares about us girls and getting us confident in cycling. I feel safe and supported when riding with Jules. The only way to progress with your riding safely and properly is with a coach, and Jules is the best. She communicates well and pushes you out of your comfort zone. (if she puts that horrible photo of me on ground on this testamonial I will revoke it..lol)

Lorraine Lopich - Lawyer Mediator FDRP - She Rides program 2015 Autumn

I never had a bike as a child. Used an exercise bike for years and then at late middle age I decided to learn to ride a bike. Jules has been absolutely fantastic. She is a natural teacher who will teach the most basic skills without making you feel like a dill. After three lessons I am riding at least 15K every day. Over the weekend I did a 45K ride and enjoyed every K. Thank you Jules you are a jewel 


Lesley Knapp - She Rides program 2015 Autumn

The She Rides program with Jules as the coach has far surpassed my expectations. I am excited about cycling again and looking forward to more riding.